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Congressman Ted Deutch believes that we have a moral and economic responsibility to ensure every American has access to quality and affordable health care. In Florida and in Washington, Ted has fought back against efforts to repeal, delay, and derail the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act in Florida

In Florida, Ted has shined light on blatant attempts by former Florida Governor Rick Scott and his allies in the state legislature to undermine the federal health care law and deny Florida’s families its many benefits. In 2013, the award-winning website Politifact awarded Ted a 100% rating on its Truth-or-Meter when he charged Governor Rick Scott for intentionally crippling the Florida’s insurance commissioner from negotiating lower insurance premiums for Florida customers. This effort led Ted to cosponsor legislation at the federal level to empower the Department of Health and Human Services to step in on behalf of consumers in Florida and other whose leaders refuse to negotiate better deals for their residents. Ted has also called on former Governor Scott and his allies in Tallahassee to stop roadblocking basic health coverage for the working poor in Florida and embrace the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. Enacting a Medicaid expansion plan in Florida would extend eligibility for affordable coverage to nearly a million people at virtually no cost to Florida taxpayers.

Rather than backpedal on the enormous progress we have made, Ted believes we must fully implement and then expand upon Affordable Care Act. He is a cosponsor of the Public Option Deficit Reduction Act, would further reduce premium costs for consumers and reduce the federal deficit by nearly a $100 billion in the next decade. He also supports legislation that would allow Medicare to negotiate cheaper prescription drug prices for seniors, just like the VA and Walmart can.

Improving Medicare

Ted has also been an outspoken defender of health care reform’s vast improvements to Medicare. As a result of the law’s gradual closing of the Medicare “donut hole” coverage gap, seniors have already saved over $4 billion on their prescription drugs. Ted will continue to tout the improved prescription drug coverage, free preventative health screenings, and cheaper premiums made possible for Medicare beneficiaries as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Ted is a strong supporter of H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019 that would allow Medicare to negotiate cheaper drug prices. Ted will also never support any health care reform or budget framework that fundamentally jeopardizes the Medicare guarantee for seniors.

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