Gun Violence Prevention

The nationwide gun violence epidemic struck home when a gunman entered Stoneman Douglas High School and killed fourteen students and 3 adults. Tragically, Parkland joined Columbine, Newtown, and many other cities on a list of deadly mass shootings in schools. The Stoneman Douglas family and the greater South Florida community came together to mourn and we continue to work to demand action. 

This tragedy could have been prevented, and I’m committed to ensuring that no other community has to feel the pain of gun violence. There is no single solution to stopping gun violence, so I support a comprehensive, common-sense approach.

The 19 year old gunman legally purchased an AR-15, a semi-automatic weapon of war designed only for mass killing. If you can’t even buy alcohol, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns. I introduced legislation to raise the minimum age of all firearms to 21.

In addition, I have written legislation to ban high capacity magazines because their only utility is to allow killers to shoot large numbers of innocent victims.

There is no reason for any American to own a weapon of war, just as civilians don’t own tanks or missiles. I co-introduced legislation to reinstate the ban all assault weapons, which expired in 2004.

The Stoneman Douglas gunman showed troubling signs that he may be capable of attacking others. If you’re diagnosed with severe mental illnesses, or you’re deemed too dangerous to fly, you should not be allowed to purchase a firearm, and I support legislation to accomplish this.

We need to boost funding for mental health services in schools. I support robust funding for counseling programs, and I introduced bipartisan legislation to help train students and teachers to detect warning signs of violence and report them to local law enforcement.

Gun violence has been a priority for me since I entered Congress. Now, it’s personal, and I’m prepared to fight the NRA-backed Republicans in Congress to pass meaningful legislation to keep our communities safe.

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