A Cleaner Environment and Safer Climate

Congressman Deutch has a strong environmental record, including efforts to tackle climate change, protect Florida’s coastlines from offshore drilling, and stand up to attacks on clean air standards. As an active member of the Safe Climate Caucus and co-founder of the bipartisan and recently formed Climate Solutions Caucus, Deutch is committed to leaving the next generation with a cleaner and healthier environment.

Gene Karpinski
President of the League of Conservation Voters

Congressman Ted Deutch believes that we have an economic and moral responsibility to pass a cleaner and healthier environment on to the next generation. Living up to that responsibility demands that Congress pass bold legislative initiatives that protect our most precious environmental resources, limit the carbon pollution responsible for global climate change, and speed the adoption of cleaner and more affordable renewable energy.

Ted’s commitment to protecting our environment is evident in his legislative record. His work on environmental issues, from protecting Florida’s coastlines from offshore drilling to fighting efforts to roll back clean air standards, has earned him a 97% Lifetime Score from the League of Conservation Voters. Ted was also the first member of Florida’s congressional delegation to join the Safe Climate Caucus, a coalition of members from across the country working together to protect our communities from the devastating threats posed by global climate change. In 2016, he co-founded the Climate Solutions Caucus – the first bipartisan task force on climate change in the House of Representatives.

Ted is a vocal defender of South Florida’s environmental treasures, including our pristine coastlines and the unique ecosystem home to the Everglades. Recognizing that more than six million Floridians rely on the Everglades for safe and clean drinking water, Ted has voted for legislation to advance waterway projects in South Florida vital to preventing flooding and saltwater contamination. He has also authored legislation to boost federal grants for the hydrokinetic energy research being pioneered at Florida Atlantic University.

Ted believes that the future of America’s energy security does not lie with dirty fossil fuels but instead with renewable energy technologies that are poised to deliver long term savings to consumers and create millions of new jobs. Instead of wasting billions of dollars on taxpayer subsidies to oil companies, Ted believes the government should enact responsible and accountable incentives that promote growth in our emerging green energy sector. He will continue to advocate for federally-guaranteed loans, research grants, and other incentives to promote clean energy solutions that will lower consumers’ utility bills, reduce carbon pollution, and promote environmental and public health.

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