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In Congress, Ted has earned top rankings from leading environmental groups, including Environment Florida and the League of Conservation Voters. Ted believes that South Florida is blessed with a unique and beautiful natural environment that we have an economic and moral obligation to protect. Unfortunately climate change and rising seawaters are threatening our South Florida environment. We must take action to protect our communities, including the Everglades and our beaches, that are so key to South Florida’s economy.  

In Congress, Ted founded the bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus that seeks to bring bi-partisan consensus on issues involving global warming. Through the Caucus, Ted has written and introduced bi-partisan legislation The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA) that would price carbon and return all of the revenue as a rebate to the American people. This bill would limit the carbon pollution that is responsible for warming our planet and threatening Florida’s future.

Ted believes that opening up Florida’s coastlines to oil drilling is not in our immediate or long-term interest. He has voted to end giveaways to dirty energy companies and instead invest in renewable, clean, and affordable alternatives. 

Ted opposed the Trump Administration’s pullout of the Paris Treaty and believes that as a global economic and political power, the United States has a responsibility to provide real leadership on the issue of climate change. If we are truly committed to passing a healthier environment on to our children, then we must treat the challenge posed by global warming as a threat to our national security. 

Ted also understands that transitioning our economy away from fossil fuels will also create new opportunity here in South Florida. Florida has the third greatest solar energy potential in the country, and the promise of the Sunshine State should be realized. Scientists and researchers are Florida Atlantic University pioneering ocean wave based systems that deserve federal support. Ted believes that businesses and consumers throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties are poised to gain in a green energy revolution that promotes our national security, advances public health, and safeguards our environment.

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