Testing is Not Teaching

Ted shares the South Florida community’s belief in top-quality public education. As the proud father of three children who graduated from  Palm Beach County’s public school system, Ted understands the value of great public schools and believes the federal government has an interest in promoting their success. 

In Congress, he has voted against legislation that encourages schools to place a greater emphasis on testing than teaching. He has also spoken out against the corporate movement sweeping across the country that aims to turn the public education of our children into a for-profit enterprise. Ted believes that unfunded mandates have no place in our public school system. Flexibility, competitive pay, and educational enrichment must be provided to teachers in a manner that reflects their contributions to our society. 

Great teaching is the cornerstone to great public education. Ted supports expanding loan forgiveness programs to improve how we recruit the best possible teachers into our public schools. His record in Congress advances the same goals he fought for in the Florida legislature, where he sponsored legislation to provide incentives for new teacher recruitment.

College Affordability

While Congressman Deutch has helped pass legislation to keep interest rates low for today’s college students, many young Americans remain locked into high-interest student loan debt. This high-interest student loan debt has forced many young Americans to put off major investments, from launching new businesses or starting a family to buying their first homes. That’s why Ted has supports legislation that would extend the interest rates enjoyed by today’s college students to older borrowers.

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