Florida Democrat uses kindergarten logic to explain how you can tell Trump is guilty


(Raw Story) Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) said during a passionate speech in the Judiciary Committee to explain the basic logic that shows the rationale for President Donald Trump’s impeachment charges.

The Congressman explained that he has a family group-text where he speaks to his children while he’s in Washington. He asked his children what they worry about

“They told me what they were feeling. and what their friends were feeling,” he described. “And they confirmed the worst. Their faith in our democracy is shaken. One of my kids said, ‘Trump has made me feel like our country is failing. He has taken away America’s common sense.’ Another said, ‘If our democracy is fragile enough to be manipulated by the president, then I worry for our future as a country.’ Why is our democracy so fragile? Well, the president smears the press as the enemy of the people. He attacks verifiable facts and calls them fake news. He attacks his opponents in the ugliest and the most hateful ways.”